ACTIN Group, formerly known as AeP Group has been serving business and individuals since 2001.  The companies within the group creates the ideal solution for the financial function of a business enabling you to focus on core business activities with the peace of mind that all statutory obligations are adhered to.

We focus on using state of the art software, technology and digital applications to simplify your business functions in return taking your business in to the digitalised future – Digital meets Traditional.

The services cover the complete business cycle; registering a company, processing of accounting records, preparing financial statements, formulating business plans together with business management services and handling the payroll function of your business. Our team members are qualified, capable, professional and most important, passionate about the essence of business the financial function.

We value our customer relationships and your success is our priority.

The AeP name has served us well during the past 18 years. As time passes, change becomes inevitable, therefore we decided to embrace change and transform the traditional AeP Group into a technologically advanced ACTIN Group – Accounting, Technology & Innovation became our building blocks for the new and improved AeP. Our old name might become something of a vague memory, but our traditional values, passion for our clients and commitment to your business will forever form the building blocks of our group. Embracing the new and never forgetting the old.


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Actin Accounting

We understand the importance of good standing with the tax authorities and make it our priority to keep a good relationship between you, your business and SARS.


Actin Secretarial

We understand the importance of corporate governance and the time it demands, we ensure all statutory obligations are met.


Actin Payroll

We provide a versatile,  total payroll solution.  Processing and maintaining your employees hours whether it be weekly, bi weekly or monthly, is our priority.


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